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American Data Science provides a familiar development environment powered by Jupyter/IPython tools.
AI/ML engineers, developers, and data scientists can use AmDS lab services to dive directly into their own personal Jupyter Lab or Notebook work space.
By signing up, users are provided the following:
  1. 1.
    Personal persistant storage and file system starting at 15GB
  2. 2.
    Cloud compute resources with memory and powerful CPUs
  3. 3.
    Deep Learning environments with pre-configured GPU resources
  4. 4.
    Personal namespace URLs for immediate sharing of services

Additional Features

  • Selection pool of pre-built environments with integrations to third-party tools and and distributions i.e. OpenAI, Pinecone, and Hugging Face
  • GPU-accelerated servers with minimal setup required for tasks like training models or processing large files
  • Multiple nameservers for independent workspaces that can be mounted on any environment available
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