The AI environments are each tailored for specific AI tools and SDKs. They include tools for general AI development like PyTorch, as well as those specifically designed for working with AI models and tools from Anthropic, Cohere, Fireworks, Langchain, Mistral AI, OpenAI, Perplexity, and Replicate. Each environment provides the necessary clients, tools, and libraries for efficient development and interaction with the respective AI models and APIs.



Environment equipped with AI tools and SDKs like AlphAI, OpenAI/Anthropic/Cohere SDKs, Scikit Learn, pandas, and numpy.


Environment equipped with the SDKs and tools for working with the Anthropic AI models like Claude, a powerful tool for natural language processing tasks.


Environment set up with the SDKs and tools for working with the Cohere AI model, a language model that can generate human-like text.


Environment equipped with Fireworks AI tools, designed for serving generative AI models and tasks.


Environment tailored for working with the Langchain package, including OpenAI libraries and Google tools.


Environment equipped with the Mistral AI SDKs and tools for generating high-quality text with their models and API.


Environment for OpenAI models and API such as GPT3, ChatGPT, including PyTorch, OpenAI Python library, and Scikit Learn.


Environment for using Perplexity's generative AI models and LLM inferencing with pplx-ai.


Environment set up for using Replicate's AI and API for deploying custom models, running inference, and fine-tuning open-source models.